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About us

Welcome on a website of our non-profit and non-governmental organization Centre for Childern with Hearing Impairment Tamtam, o.p.s. We provide a complex of mutually interconnected services (social, informative, educational, cultural, enlighting and other) for families with hearing impaired childern. We help them to solve theirs difficult life situation, or to prevent from it – in a way they to have chance to live quality life and to integrate themselves into the major hearing society. We create a supportive environment to them, so that they can meet other parents and experts, exchange information and  experiencies and consult theirs matters.   

We offer our services on the national scope. Every year, more than 500 – 600 families with hearing impaired childern and more than 2000 individual clients use our services.


  • to advocate and promote interests of hearing impaired childern and theirs families
  • to contribute to care developement of hearing impaired childern
  • to help childern and theirs parents to overcome hearing loss consequences
  • to pursue integration of hearing impaired people into society
  • to raise awareness on hearing impairment  among professionals as well as general public  


Centre for Childern with Hearing Impairment Tamtam, o.p.s. is a member of the following organizations:

European Federation of Parents of Hearing Impaired Childern (FEPEDA)  – founding member

Národní rada osob se zdravotním postižením ČR (NRZP) – Czech National Disability Council

Asociace pracovníků v rané péči (APRP) – The Association of Early Care Workers (AECW)